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September 2011

World’s Dumbest Criminal Makes An Appearance At American Jewelry and Loan!

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By Seth Gold

We see a lot of stuff here at American Jewelry and Loan and obviously, you get to see a lot of it too, now that Hardcore Pawn is on the air. But what still amazes us, even after all this time, is when people try to sell us stuff that doesn’t belong to them and they think they’re not going to get caught….particularly when they’re wearing a GPS tether!  Note to criminals: the cops kind of know where you are!

So a few weeks ago, a guy comes in to sell us a couple guitars and amps. We see a lot of musicians that need a little help between gigs, so it didn’t strike us as anything unusual. We gave him a loan and he was on his way.  Now he’s on his way back to jail………for 10 to 15 years.

The cops called to tell us they’d been monitoring this guy (that’s why they call it a tether!) and they noticed that he’d spent about twenty minutes at a home, that happened to have been burglarized that same day.  He then made his way to our store, where he spent just enough time to sell us what he had stolen.

Really? You’re wearing a tether, because you’re out on parole after serving time for breaking and entering — and you don’t think anyone is going to pick up on that pattern?

The good news is, there’s one less dumb criminal out on the street. And we were happy to return the guitars and amps to their rightful owner.

We’ll keep your “World’s Dumbest Criminal” trophy here at the store for you.  Unless of course, someone dumber comes along before you get out of jail.

First Runner Up:

The guy who brought in a laptop clearly marked with a school system name on it. Last we heard, they weren’t selling those retail. We confiscated the computer, called the cops and guess what they found when they went to his home? Eight more laptops from the same school system — where he was employed. Guess he won’t be needing that job for awhile anyway.

And finally, an Honorable Mention goes to:

The contractor that brought in two saxophones and a trumpet. He told us that he was overseeing the closing of a school and the principal told him, “to just throw out the instruments”.  If that were true, we’d have to start giving out “World’s Dumbest Principal” awards……but we think we’re safe sticking with the criminals. We made a call, put the instruments back into the hands of some young musicians and got yet another dumb criminal off the street.

Really guys…… you think you should be bringing stolen stuff to a pawn shop with a television show?  It’s kind of like walking into the studios of America’s Most Wanted and saying, “Look what I did!”

Do you have a “World’s Dumbest Criminal” story? Post it here in the comments section and maybe we’ll send you our trophy!

American Jewelry and Loan SCORES with new team member! Hockey Great Darren McCarty Goes For The Gold!

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By Les Gold

Everyone is talking about our latest hire at American Jewelry and Loan and we’re pretty excited about it ourselves! Hockey legend Darren McCarty is taking the ice for a new team – OURS!

Darren stopped by a few weeks ago to check out the store with a buddy. For us it was another really cool celebrity sighting – but as it turns out, Darren was as interested in us as we were in him! He said he wanted to learn the business, so we took him up on it and gave him a job!

And I’ve got to tell you, it’s going great. He’s a natural. The customers love him and the staff is having a great time with him. He said the other day that he felt like he was learning from the Stevie Yzerman of the pawn business!  But I’ve got to tell you, we feel like we’ve won the Stanley Cup.

You’ve got to stop by and meet him! And don’t be surprised if you see him on upcoming episodes of Hardcore Pawn. But hopefully not in the penalty box.

You never know what we’ve got in store!

Hockey Great Darren McCarty Takes The Ice For American Jewelry and Loan!


Are Ya Talking To Me?

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By Seth Gold

Here’s the thing about being on a reality show. You’re just living your life — running your business — and suddenly there are cameras following you around.  And then pretty much overnight, people start recognizing you and they’re asking for autographs. You can’t help but turn around to see who’s standing behind you — cause just the other day, you were simply a guy running a pawn shop.

So imagine our surprise last week when guys we’ve watched on TV for years came into American Jewelry and Loan and asked for OUR autographs!  Q and Ray Ray from Pimp My Ride dropped in while they were in town for an appearance.  How cool is that?!?

We’re still amazed on Wednesday mornings when we open our Hardcore Pawn fan mail and see notes from people that we consider REAL celebrities. Earlier this summer, we got an email from the production manager of Styx, telling us they loved watching Hardcore Pawn on the tour bus and invited us to their show that night. But they did more than extend the invitation — when we got there — they treated us like we were the ones about to go on stage!  We hung out backstage with the band til midnight and actually found ourselves signing autographs for THEIR fans!  Now Les thinks he’s a rock star! LOL

Speaking of feeling like rock stars — we were on our way to make an appearance at Lake of The Torches Casino in Wisconsin, when we looked up and saw our faces in the sky! We had no idea that the casino had put up billboards announcing our arrival! They even had our picture on blackjack tables! Now that’s Hardcore!

But there’s one thing that Les is still holding out hope for — something that’s rare and elusive. Last season, just before NFL player Hines Ward took the stage at Dancing With The Stars, he recognized Les. (There’s a fun fact to know and learn. Les and Lili are BIG fans of DWTS!) Les told Hines if he won the coveted mirror ball trophy, he’d buy it from him. But Hines held out — saying he’s seen how much Les pays! I guess the only way Les is going to get that trophy is to win it himself! What do you think? Do you want to see Les on Dancing With The Stars?

Q and Ray Ray from Pimp My Ride stop by American Jewelry and Loan!

We felt like rock stars at the Styx concert!

We felt like big rollers when we saw this!


Les wants that mirror ball trophy! Do you want to see him dance for it?