Fan Shares His Passion

We received this email from a fan who stopped by the store last week. He shared the story of his newest tattoo and his inspiration for coming in to meet Les…


“The portrait is of a seven year old girl and her service dog, having both just completed service dog/handler training. Hence the diploma in the girl’s hand and the graduation cap on the dog. The tattoo artist is the world renowned Marshall Lynn Bennett who decided he would do this tattoo for me when he found out that it represents my life’s work, advocating for the disabled who are often marginalized by our society. I have been doing this for thirteen years now while pursuing my higher education degrees and it is always an uphill battle and I wanted something to always be there to remind me
why I do what I do when it gets tough and it seems like not enough people understand what is really at stake when we exclude others from full participation in our society.

One reason I came by to meet Les is the tenacity and heart I see in him reminds me so much of what I see in these kids who fight every day just for the opportunity to be a part of things and bring real meaning to their lives.