Seth Gold is Vice-President of American Jewelry & Loan.

Seth is a fourth generation pawnbroker who was named the 2013 National Pawnbrokers Association Pawnbroker of the Year at the organization’s annual meeting and conference.

Seth’s nomination stems from his tireless commitment to supporting the pawn industry, community outreach, bolstering the association’s charitable giving campaigns and fostering strong relationships with his community and local leaders.

“Seth Gold and the team at American Jewelry & Loan have forged new paths for the pawn industry with the media on a national level as well as within his own local community,” said Kevin Prochaska, president of the National Pawnbrokers Association. “Our industry has benefitted immensely from Seth’s dedication and hard work.”

He learned the business from the inside-out and backed his knowledge with a degree from the University of Michigan and designations in diamond grading and colored gemstones from the Gemological Institute of America. He joined the business after his graduation from the University of Michigan.

He launched an ecommerce division that now generates 30% of the company’s sales. He oversees the marketing for the store including social media and internet marketing. His leadership in the industry has led to serving as the youngest state President for the National Pawnbrokers Association. As such, he has worked closely with legislators to impact laws relevant to the pawn industry.

His perspective comes from a mix of business acumen, empathy, and an ability to see the future of the pawn industry. “Twenty-five million people in this country do not have bank accounts. We provide money for our customers to feed their families or get their car repaired. If we didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be anything for them.”

He has been directly involved in the production of ‘Hardcore Pawn’. Regarding the show’s overwhelming success, he notes its widespread appeal.

Stay up-to-date with Seth at his blog: or on his nationwide Gold Tone Podcast via the CBS platform.