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Right About Money Blog–Go Figure: ‘Hardcore Pawn’ Shop Offers Financial Education

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[From Right About Money Blog]: Seth Gold has seen a lot of struggle. His family has been in the pawn shop business since the 1940s, and in the past six years the Golds have chronicled the buying and selling of peoples’ stuff at his American Jewelry and Loan on the TruTV reality show Hardcore Pawn. Beginning this week the family has one more thing to offer: lessons in credit management and other aspects of personal finance.

Gold’s Detroit pawn store is teaming with Junior Achievement of Michigan, Greenpath Financial Wellness and Operation HOPE to host a financial education seminar. This is a one-time event. But Gold expects they will repeat it in the future and maybe even turn into a regular feature. “The response to this idea has been outstanding so far, and I hope to continue doing what we’re doing,” Gold said. “This is really just the beginning.”

Pawn shops are part of an alternative financial world that includes payday lenders, as well as more shadowy credit operations. They are popular with the unbanked, whose ranks total 20 million adults in the U.S., according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The number is even higher–40 million–according to an estimate from Operation HOPE, which puts the number globally at 2.5 billion.

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Community Partnership: Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

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Les and Seth Gold, on behalf of the entire team at American Jewelry and Loan, are proud to celebrate their partnership with the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (JRLA) is an open enrollment, public charter high school on the northwest side of Detroit, a stone’s throw from their iconic Detroit store. We’ve enjoyed hosting TWO interns, Greg and Jalen, who have worked with us summer of 2016.

The Academy began its first academic year in September 2011 and currently serves over 400 ninth through twelfth grade scholars from metro-Detroit. JRLA provides a leadership-focused education that engages and inspires youth to achieve at the rigorous level necessary to ultimately graduate with a college degree.  Scholars are provided with an authentic academic experience which builds both the skill and will necessary to be successful in high school and beyond.  Immersed in the culture of college, scholars will not only receive extensive college exposure via university tours, but also be required to pass at least one Advanced Placement course to assist in a seamless transition into college.  JRLA is a 9-16 model where scholars are supported not only through high school graduation, but through college graduation via our College Success team that works to coordinate success for current scholars and alumni.

UPDATE: See Les Gold competing on behalf of JRLA on Food Network’s Chopped!



Power to the Gird matches individuals on the autism specturm with jobs that fit their unique abilities.

American Jewelry and Loan Serving as BETA Test Site for Groundbreaking new Workforce Diversification Program

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American Jewelry and Loan is proud to announce a partnership with Power to the Grid. Power to the Grid is dedicated to hiring, educating, and empowering individuals on the Autism spectrum.

“When we first found out about Power to the Grid at the end of last year, there was no hesitation–we have a need for talented skilled workers who can keep our ecommerce store running. This program fills that need efficiently and effectively” said Les Gold, owner of American Jewelry and Loan. “Since January they’ve been working to post items to our online store.”


Through this partnership, American Jewelry and Loan is able to add staff to their team from a previously untapped workforce–individuals who are affected by autism. “When I leave work every day, I feel fulfilled, independent, and needed” Les said “now, thanks to this program, we’re able to provide that same pride to an entirely new population who might otherwise be unemployed, under-employed, or marginalized” he added.

“Our previous partners have been businesses that hired us in something of an agency-relationship. The Golds and American Jewelry and Loan were the first to allow us to prove the concept inside their business. Our team members work on site alongside the other employees” added Stefan Kogler who founded the program in 2014 “we needed a business who was open to giving it a chance.”

“We were the first business to test this model–and if we have been able to make it happen in the back of a pawnshop, then I believe that literally any business can take advantage of this same opportunity” said Seth Gold, who oversees the ecommerce department for the store.

Visit to see items that have been uploaded by our Power to the Grid partners. Learn more about this program at

2015 — What a Year!

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Happy New Year!

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On behalf of everyone here at American Jewelry and Loan, the Gold family wishes to thank their fans, followers, and customers from around the world for a tremendous year in 2013. We wish you and your family a healthy and safe 2014!