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On last night’s episode of “Hardcore Pawn” at Detroit‘s famous American Jewelry and Loan a shop that is never without conflict, Seth and Ashley are constantly at odds, and Les gets physically ill from their actions.

As the episode begins, Seth recalls that two weeks ago, his father, Les was rushed to the hospital, and the brother and sister are regretting their fighting, that added to his illness.

As Ashley is waiting on a customer, when another young man starts yelling to her to wait on him. She patiently asks him to wait his turn. She looks around and wonders why nobody else is on the sales floor but her. As she attempts to give him the service he demands, he continues his rant until Byron gives him the personal escort out of the store.

As Ashley looks around, nobody seems to be at their station. He immediately calls Seth into her father’s office and reprimands him for the mismanagement of the shop. As she is sitting in her father’s chair, he walks in yielding a cane. As Ashley finds out that Seth cut back on staff, Les tells Ashley to get out of his chair and questions Seth’s actions. Les had surgery for a hernia, and he is thankful that it could have been much worse. However, he has returned at least a week before he should.

As Les referees, he learns that Seth told much of the staff not to come in on that day because they haven’t been busy. As they bicker in the usual fashion, Les tells them how disappointed he is, expecting much more from the pair. Now as he faces his future, he knows if they do not get along, the store he built, cannot go on. He will be watching them today, and decide to allow one of them to be in control. As he sent them out of his office, he had a decision to make that weighed on his mind; which of his children should he choose?

Les observed as each of them were extra nice to the customers. A woman came in with a mechanical horse, the type that used to be outside department stores and supermarkets. It was coin operated, and the base was all blinged-out with stones by her friend who does stained glass. She wanted $3,000 for it. Ashley noted that back in the 1950s, the coin required was only a dime; it had been changed to a quarter. Furthermore, by adding the bling, it was no longer in its original state. Ashley would not give her more than $1,000. As the woman continued to drop her asking price, to finally, $1,500, Ashley would not budge. When she left with her horse, Les commended Ashley for her knowledge of the item, and told her she did the right thing.

When a man came in expecting V.I.P. treatment, he was told by Seth, that his V.I.P. card was converted to a gold card, which means the same thing. He felt that he should have gotten more money for the loan on his wife’s ring. As he continued to be obnoxious, he even banged his head on the Plexiglas window in an effort to show Seth how tough he was. He also got an escort from the place, by Byron.

A man came into the shop with plumbing supplies to trade for a diamond ring. He claimed the stuff was worth a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars. The ring he wanted was $5,000. As he dickered back and forth with Ashley, he continued to insult her gender, pissing her off. Rather than try to make a deal for another ring, she let her emotions take over and shut him down.

A guy with a 1966 Thunderbird that he claims is all original, he wants $35,000 for the car. Seth will give him no more than $12,000. The man continues to claim it is all original, until Les loses his cool and shows him beyond a doubt that it was repainted. As the man would not budge, they wish him well as Seth calms his father, rather than see him pop his stitches.

Finally, the workday is over and Les calls the entire staff to a meeting, passing the torch to Seth until he returns in a few weeks. Ashley is clearly disappointed. Will she abide by her father’s decision, or will she do her best to bring him down? Future episodes will tell the rest of this story on “Hardcore Pawn.”

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